Finding “Your Person” in College

College is overwhelming, to say the least. If you go to a public school like me, you’re one of five thousand kids in your grade alone. However, the good news is that you are bound to find people you genuinely connect with. Will you find them in the first week? Maybe not, but you will find them. As my freshman year is coming to a close, I can truly say I’ve found my people, along with a bomb best friend. College is all about meeting new people and making these lifelong friendships. This isn’t a myth; these friends will definitely be my friends forever.

Finding your “person” like Meredith Grey found Christina Yang is the ultimate goals for a best friend partnership. And guess what?! It’s totally doable in college too. We don’t have to wait until we’ve completed a million years of school and are becoming kick butt surgeons. We have endless options and opportunities to find our person at school. Don’t stick to your comfort zone; branch out and try new things! Whether it be joining an unexpected club or organization, trying out for a school team, or so on. Leave your fears at the door, and go for it. You will meet some pretty amazing people this way. Keeping your mind open is the key to success. People find their best friend through their sororities or through their major. Some bond tightest with their roommate, hall mate, or even someone they meet in the dining commons or the library. That’s the joy of college. You can meet people literally anywhere.

You might need a friend to go to eat at random hours with, to cry about your first bad quiz grade with, or to discuss the hot boy who joined your TA section. You may need someone who lets you borrow their clothes when nothing in your closet seems to look right. You will need someone who is there for you to help you through any and all obstacles college throws at you. I found my person in the complicated friend-of-a-friend-who-just-happened-to-live-one-floor-below-me kind of way. You can’t predict where you will meet them. However, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it through college without my best friend. She is stuck with me for the rest of our lives whether she wants to be or not. She’s become my right-hand, my go-to, and everything in between. Don’t question how you make friends in college; just be yourself and go with the flow. That’s the best advice I got this year, and it made such a difference. So, trust me! Your person might not be who or where you expect, but they’re out there and they need you too.

Have you found your person in college? Let us know how below!