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February Mood Board—All of You

February 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

If we have learned anything lately, it is that the power of love for your family, friends, community, even complete strangers is a beautiful, magical thing.

February to us is the season of love, and we’re not just talking the romantic kind. Sure, Valentine’s Day gives us an extra opportunity to recognize the significant loves in our lives. (We’re talking about your gal pals and pets, obviously.) But don’t forget to take time this month to celebrate the greatest love in your life—you.

Pour your heart into everything you do. Explore your passions and find new ones that fuel your soul. Be proud of the beautiful person you are inside and out. Because we happen to think “all of you” is pretty darn rad.

We here at CollegeFashionista are embracing this concept of “all of you” as we kick off this month. All February long we will be bringing you content aimed at celebrating not only this idea of spreading love, but also taking time to appreciate and cherish all the wonderful things that make you, well, you. Because if there is anything this world needs more of, it’s love and you.

To kick-off this month, check out our February Mood Board on Pinterest for inspiration in your journey to love this month!