Fearlessly Bright Eyes for Summer

Summer is finally here! Personally, I’ve been aching to break out my shorts, skirts, crop tops, and mini dresses for ages. That said, while I love summer attire, makeup presents an issue during the summer. Sweating off your eye makeup? No, thanks. Although, sweat does admittedly make for a good highlighter sometimes.

This Fashionista doesn’t let summer sweat get in the way of an amazing summer beauty look. With the right makeup, anyone can get away with an amazing look like hers.

To create this kind of look yourself, choose a few colors that complement each other. If you’re struggling to choose some, try this palette of beautiful, bold colors. Choose a base color to cover your lids with, another to rim your eyes with and lastly, one for the inner corners of your eyes.

The trick to this look is to blend, blend, blend! Apply your lid color with a light hand and then add your other colors one by one. Afterward, take a nice fluffy brush and blend everything together! Once you’ve perfected that, swipe on some mascara. I recommend the Better Than Sex mascara if you really want to amp up your lashes.

Then apply your favorite highlighter. It is summer, after all. If you start sweating, you can say you highlighted today! No need for very bold lips with this kind of look—you want all of the focus to be on your eyes. Apply some chapstick to keep your lips supple and hydrated, and you’re good to go.

With a look this bold, you can worry less about your outfit and keep the focus on your face by pairing shorts with a crop top. This Fashionista threw on a black top, shorts, and some sneakers. Off-the-shoulder tops are all the rage this summer, so try this amazing top by Revolve next time you feel inspired to go out with bold eyes like these.

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