FASHION FROM ABROAD: These Boots Were Made For Walking

…and that’s just what they’ll do.

Rather than select a native subject for this month, I found a Fashionista who is in a similar situation that many of you may be in next semester. How to be cute with the limitation of a suitcase or two? For all of you jet-setters planning to travel abroad in the spring, I have two terms for you: layers and walking shoes. Oh, and perhaps the occasional shopping trip in your new city as well…

While accessories are typically the last element discussed in a look, in this case, they need to be addressed first. They key concept to note here is cohesion. Classy, versatile and comfortable enough to hike up to ancient Spanish castle remains, this Fashionista finds the happy medium between fashion and function. Notice how the gold ear cuff very subtly coincides with the color of the “Isaac Mizrahi New York” label on her handbag. A matching pair of earrings would have been an obvious choice to accentuate the outfit, but instead she mixed it up with one accessory that covers her entire ear, while the other ear simply wears a small, circular stud. Asymmetry always provides a visually interesting outfit, and adds even greater contrast against the classic, solid-colored garments.

Aside from her accessories, she also made a smart move with color, selecting various shades of blue in addition to her reflective blue sunglasses. With the arrival of fall, she layers a sweater over her dress, which she can shed on warmer fall afternoons. She follows my mantra that you can never go wrong with as solid pair of black boots, especially for the miles of walking we are required to do here. Instead of choosing between classy and cool, this Fashionista proved you can be both.

Captured: Amidst our tour of medieval castle remains just outside of Seville, I had to stop this Fashionista (as her skirt so eloquently matched the periwinkle flowers atop the castle) to ask her about every facet of her outfit. She came to play.