FASHION FROM ABROAD: Style Straight From Milan

Milan is known to be the fashion capital of the world and it bursts with unique styles and personalities. It is always so exciting to walk on the streets of this enchanting city and observe the fashion trends. This Fashionisto particularly stands out with his European style. White jeans, blazers and handbags are the three main fashion elements many European men go for.

The Fashionisto chooses to be simple and sophisticated by wearing neutral colors and focusing to complement his outfit with a fancy blazer. Blazers are essential when it comes to composing a more chic look since they are a synonym for elegancy. In fact, the blazer is the key to his outfit. It gives him an elegant but casual look, allowing him to wear such outfit from day to night and for a variety of different occasions. The Fashionisto did it right and chose the perfect color to go with his overall outfit, giving a final and unique touch to his style.

It is important to notice how he decided to match the brown shoes with the handbag. It definitely brought the outfit together and contributed to the overall classy feel. Although it is surely not a fashion rule, matching shoes with bags can be a good idea to keep an outfit more clean and simple, especially for men. Talking about handbags; they are the perfect accessory when it comes to composing a more mature and even business-like style. Men who choose to wear handbags need to make sure they are using such item as a component to complete a more sophisticated look.

White pants are also a great option for this summer! They go well with many colors, prints and styles, composing the perfect summertime look. Not to mention that they can make an outfit look more stylish and fun as well.

This European style can be a cool inspiration for the season. It is elegant, casual, simple and stylish. It is always good to try different styles and play with your wardrobe, why not give it a try?

Captured: This stylish European Fashionisto was captured in Milan, Italy when walking by the Duomo, center of the city, while on his way to college.