FASHION FROM ABROAD: Signature Stripes

Going to the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris is like attending some kind of zany amusement park, with the main attraction being a lineup of priceless couture dresses. Each room has an over the top theme and boasts sights such as an animatronic runway, mannequins that have “real” faces and talk and a wall dedicated to Madonna and her famous cone bra. There is a grand staircase that connects two rooms of the exhibit, and even that is equipped with flashing strobe lights and the sound of photographers shouting, making you feel like a star entering a couture show or a movie premiere.

Needless to say, the exhibition was surrounded by excited Gaultier fans. Whether you like his style or not, it’s hard to deny the chance to dress in your best sailor stripes while paying homage to his work.

This Fashionista was doing just that. Her boxy, navy striped jacket set the Gaultier mood over her simple red dress. A white fringe scarf hanging beneath her jacket created fun movement at her hips and the white tennis shoe, which is a staple here, finished off her look. To negate some of the sweetness in the stripes, this Fashionista added a leather cuff bracelet and watch, a chunky gold ring and a simple black handbag. Gaultier’s signature sailor stripe could be seen everywhere around the exhibit on both men and women, proving it’s timeless appeal. This Fashionista’s look is a success due to her fun, classic pieces.

Captured: This Fashionista was seen outside the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.