January 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Wherever you go around the world, your shoes will take you there, or at least help you get there. The first thing I noticed after being in Madrid for a week was that shoes are extremely important to people here. It is still very cold so you will see a tall boots every now and then but typically flat platform shoes or Timberland hiking boots are all you ever need. Anything that you have to lace up to wear, they will have it on.

I found this Fashionista on my new college campus in Madrid. In this fast paced city, perfect shoes are necessary. Her shoes are a snake skin platform sneaker and I’m obsessed. They accompany the rest of her outfit accordingly. Her cut jeans and cropped printed T-shirt are casual and fit the normal college kid vibe. The addition of a red scarf helps bring attention to her face and keep her warm.

Trends throughout Europe change according to the weather. For example, in London you might want to double check if your rain boots are packed. As for Madrid, the rain is scarce and you are almost never at home to lounge in socks. A durable trendy shoe is the only way to survive Madrid. Fashion is key here, and everywhere you go people stare — especially if you look American. You must look good wherever your shoes might take you.

CapturedI captured this Fashionista taking a break from a long day at school with her friends in the plaza of Universidad of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain.