November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here in “Always Sunny Sydney,” it sometimes rains. Not often, but just enough to bring out the cheap umbrellas that break with the smallest gust of wind. Why invest in an umbrella when you live in a location known for smooth stands and beaches that run miles long? That’s what this Fashionista thought when venturing out into her college campus right in the center of the city. There’s no need for an umbrella when you can don a swimsuit.

Sydney boasts many things: the architectural icon that is the Opera House, the location where Nemo is finally found (even if the actual address does not exist) and a beach culture that seems to be unbeatable. Streets are lined with billboards of bikini brands that—wait for it—are not just Victoria’s Secret. Women wear these bikinis proudly on the beaches as well as on the streets. This fashion maven did just that as she took on the thunderstorm sans umbrella. After all, there’s no need to remove the identity of a Fashionista by blocking her face with a lightning prone rod.

The bathing suit has recently been redefined with a higher neckline that grazes collarbones and defines shoulders. For this reason, bikini tops do not always have the appearance of bras and can be seen not as risqué, but as a minimalistic piece of clothing, durable enough to withstand multiple weather conditions. A plus to the bathing suit casual wearers, is that the color white no longer has to be seen as an invitation to a wet T-shirt contest. So, this Civil Law Major, originally from Canada, dared to wear white, even with rain pouring down around her.

To remove the bathing suit from the beach, she paired persian blue mid-rise jeans and white Nike sneakers with the cropped bikini top. The sneakers and long sleeve crop top tied around her waist gives off the relaxed vibe of the city, while the leather backpack tossed over her shoulders presents the promising work ethic that is found in the college students studying in Sydney. So, make like this Fashionista and add gold-toned jewelry and a ’90s choker to the mix. Show all those non-believers that a bathing suit can be worn not just on the beach, but in the rain.

Captured: I happened upon this Fashionista around the block from UTS’ (University of Technology Sydney) campus, right in the heart of Sydney.