Summer is the season for craving purity and calm. Since we are getting closer to this hot and dry season, looking for a style that calms you down is definitely necessary. The secret is that the color white is summer’s biggest color trend. Why not orchestrate a summer wardrobe with some delicate outfits and let your summer blossom? This Fashionisto wonderfully demonstrates the idea of purity craving in Florence. If you followed this year’s Florence Menswear Fashion Week, you must have been amazed by people’s preppy looks. Let’s have a look at this Fashionisto’s style and borrow some ideas from him.

As I have mentioned above, this whole outfit is based on a white short sleeved shirt. Short sleeves can keep you cool, so why not? White shirts go with everything, not only the style mentioned in this article. An investment on a white shirt is necessary for future styles. Furthermore, do not underestimate the power of white. Even if it’s just a color, what shades of white and how you are going to wear them need further considerations. This Fashionisto paired his shirt with a cute bow. Also, the color and the pattern of his bow perfectly match both his shorts and his light color sneaker. Speaking of the new trend of sneakers, Stan Smith by adidas is definitely worth the purchase! Stan Smith has recently been featured by almost every single fashion blogger and celebrity. Seeing from his style with his cool face, this Fashionisto really knows how to play around with this cooling outfit.

Captured: Spotted at the Piazza del Duomo in Florence, Italy.