September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

“Mi estilo es más simple.”

This is how my Spanish host sister describes her style. A simple sentence for her simple ,yet elegant, style. Upon arriving in Spain, of course, one of the first few things I talked to her about was style. Come on, you give a girl a Spanish sister her age and they’re going to talk fashion.

One instantly recognizable trend here was the colorful, patterned flowy pants – an example displayed by my sister above. In fact, she wore these pants on the day I arrived, and I immediately knew I had been paired with a stylish sister. Due to the heat wave that nicely resides in Seville for the majority of the afternoons, most people wear light, comfortable clothing that works to ventilate heat. However, by the time it cools off in the evening, the length of the pant is enough to remain comfortable. By my second week, I had marched over to the main shopping street to buy a pair (albeit from H&M, not exactly an authentic Spanish shop) for myself.

With the easy, breezy style of the pants, she complemented them with an equally laid-back top, but tucked it in for a clean look. As it is easy to walk most places in Seville, she chose summery sandals, catering to the weather and the type of city. Staying consistent with her simplicity, she adds a soft red lip, relaxed hair and a small cross necklace. For a pop of cool, she sports a pair of round sunglasses and rocks the middle part, not something most girls can do. I have noticed that several more girls maintain their painted nails here than we do at school and ,for that, I commend them.

Among the small but plentiful boutiques, the impressive and necessary art of layering and the well put together men and women that I have encountered here, I can’t wait to see what fashion finds lie ahead these next few months in Seville.

Captured: I captured this Fashionista just outside of our house in Sevilla during a lazy weekend afternoon.