July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

When you think Marie Antoinette, you think extravagance. Ornate shoes, three foot wigs and layers of satin and tulle perfectly structured around massive panniers. Oh, and cake. This baroque style is so incredibly imbedded in the streets of Paris that you can’t walk one street without seeing something to make your jaw drop, or at least unhinge a little.

It is the contrast between the grandiose atmosphere and the simplicity and delicacy of French fashion that never ceases to amaze me. Each outfit seems effortlessly stylish and trendsetting and exceptionally cut for the body wearing it. To go shopping in Paris, the epicenter of fashion, is like no other experience.

This Fashionista exudes the subtlest hints of Marie Antoinette’s classic aesthetic in her blue tiered dress. Complete with ruffles and an adorable bow, it is the paradigm of a modern take on historical fashion. Her elegant sandals, replete with silver colorblocking, offset the feminine flow of the dress and match the silver in her purse. The muted tones of her bag and shoes also deepen the blue of the dress, a color fit for a queen.

Even in the midst of a heat wave, Parisians continue to dress their best. Fashion is embedded in a culture, and it carries both historical and societal significance. Like this Fashionista, you can embody any era, trend or designer in whatever you own by accentuating their reminiscent elements and always adding your personal twist. A tiered and ruffled dress is perfect for any palace or if you’re just walking the streets!

Captured: At Cardinal Richelieu’s Palais Royal in the first arrondissement on Rue de Montpensier.