FASHION FROM ABROAD: Flared Knee-Length Shorts

Although summer is in full swing, in places like Japan, it is currently rainy season. This means the temperature is fairly low and slightly cold for some. But after getting up and walking around your body tends to get warm and pumped. Thus it is important to dress appropriately so you aren’t either too cold or too hot during this wet season.

The solution is to wear flared knee-length shorts. Currently these style of pants have been trending all over Japan not only for their comfort but effortless style. These flared shorts are known for their ability to cover your legs all the way to your knees. By doing so, you can keep your legs covered and warm while not having to worry about showing too much skin as well. In addition, since the shorts are flared, it allows air to flow in and out of your shorts, thus provides maximum breeze during this humid season. A ribbon or a belted ribbon around the waist helps add a hint of femininity to the overall boyish look as well.

This Fashionista decided to wear her denim fabric flared shorts with a plaid collared shirt and a pair of Keds. Her plaid shirt is perfect for this breezy season since she can adjust her shirt sleeves to her liking whenever she wants to. Plaid shirts also always complement and work well with denim patterns or apparel.

No one likes to get their feet wet during the rain, so wearing shoes is always a great idea during the rainy season. Keds are a must-have item for every Fashionista. They are sneakers that not only match pair of jeans but they also are perfect with skirts and dresses as well. Their basic patterns and plain colors are playful and cute while providing much more comfort and ease than wearing heels or wedges. Since the rain can make the shoes dirty, I would advise purchasing dark blue or black colored Keds verses white or pastel colored ones.

Although this Fashionista chose to wear denim looking flared shorts, Japan offers this style of short in a variety of different patterns and materials. So you are can find the perfect flared short for you to wear for any occasion.

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted during her lunch break at Sagamiono Odakyu train station in Japan.