I grew up hearing that Europe is always ahead in fashion, so I came to Spain with high expectations and they have been met. As much as I miss the sweet tea I don’t miss seeing anyone in an oversized T-shirt or Nike shorts. Any Fashionista/o can tell you that finding the perfect jacket is so important to any wardrobe. In these chilly months in Spain you need the perfect jacket to throw on, especially if you’re studying abroad.

This Fashionisto kept his outfit simple and casual while touring around Madrid. He kept it European with his black biker jacket that has the perfect amount of shine. The addition of the extra black hoodie brings a layered look to his outfit which is perfect incase it gets warm in the metro. The relaxed white T-shirt and long gold necklace give him a casual vibe to carry throughout this fast paced city. He is able to still carry his bags with ease because the outfit flows so well together.

Trends in Europe are seen the best through men— at least I think so. The men in Spain have a way of looking well put together that is unlike anything I’ve encountered in Charleston, South Carolina. Between the earrings and trendy jackets, they conquer flannels and button-ups any day. This Fashionisto perfected this look, which creates a sleeker, dressier outfit for everyday wear. Try dressing up your everyday winter look with a jacket that has plenty of Euro vibes.

Captured: I found this Fashionisto taking photos at the Parque del Matadero Municipal in Madrid, Spain.