August 26th, 2015 at 2:10am

When cruising the streets of any town in the south of Mexico, one thing becomes clear: denim is in. Lately Europe, and perhaps most of North America, fluctuates in and out of a love with denim, denim styles, denim shorts,and all other denim trends; however, denim is something that never fades in these sunny Mayan streets. My last time in this specific place was three years ago, and though a lot has changed, it’s clear that the denim cut-off reigns supreme for both tourists and locals alike. While we spend our time searching for the perfect chambrays, silks, pure cottons and linens for our shortened pants of the season, Mexico proves that a simpler, older style can be just as chic.

This Fashionista has opted specifically for high-waisted cut-offs with a cufffed hem in classic blue, reminiscent of an old pair of Levi’s. The vintage nature of these shorts means they can become both the focal point and the accessory at the same time, as we can see by their pairing with this bright, summery floral shirt. The shorts and shirt are so different in color it is possible to appreciate them both, yet each still complements the other article. She pairs this ensemble with a silvery variation of a summer must-have, gladiator sandals, that add a bit of shine and some lovely detail to this outfit. Carrying detail through the rest of the outfit, she has opted for simple silver jewelry with a bit of sparkle on her finger and in her ears.

Though the cut-off may be seen as a bygone style of an older era (say, circa 2000), I’m here to point out that in some places they haven’t let go so easily. When we see what can be done with this trend, all I can ask is why we haven’t held on just as tightly!

Captured: This Fashionista was captured in the city of Playa del Carmen in the south of Mexico, state of Quintana Roo. Specifically, I found her walking to work in Colonia Bosque Real.