If you’re anything like me, then you probably played sports throughout grade school, which means you probably spent the better half of your high school career choosing clothes from the same spot in your closet. It was the norm to see me in a pair of jogging sweats with whichever souvenir or college T-shirt I happened to grab that day. I was a hot athletic mess. Although they weren’t my most glorious moments, they were definitely some of my most helpful. I now realize you don’t always have to look like you’re about to run off to practice because you’re in sportswear. A simple change can make your sporty outfit go from eek to chic, such as Exhibit A. Say hello to the pair of capris I just left all my leggings and sweatpants for.

Now you either hate or love the classic jean capris, which is understandable, but there’s no such thing as hate once they’re transformed into breathable three-quarter pants. Here in Spain, sports, especially soccer, are taken seriously. So it is unlikely that you will travel through any given Spanish city without seeing people (particularly men and boys) representing their favorite fútbol club jerseys: typically with a pair of jeans or cargo shorts. As seen by this Fashionisto above wearing his Real Madrid F.C. jersey, but instead with a pair of adidas Tiro three-quarter pants, a nice change from the classic combo.

Before traveling out of the United States to Europe, it was advised for us, as Americans, to be weary of standing out as “Americans” for several reasons; however this Fashionisto chose to blend in and stand out. As a Fashionisto studying abroad he wanted to indulge in his own club pride with his club jersey as well, but he needed something else.

It was too hot to go for the black denim jeans he was considering, so he turned to his three-quarter pants. His three-quarter pants do not only transform his attire into casual street wear, but they help emphasize the muscles in his calves by leaving no skin to show above the kneecap. This outfit leaves him to be prepared for just about anything throughout the day. He completes his look with a pair of Nike Roshe One and folding black Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Captured: Unfortunately, Real Madrid F.C. had already gotten knocked out of the champion’s league by the time I found this Fashionisto, but that didn’t stop him from showing his club pride in La Calle Real, a street outside one of the main plazas in Segovia, Spain.