October 1st, 2016 at 2:00am


Fashion in Italy is unlike anything I have seen in America, but in the best way possible. I learned from my Italian professors that it is a disgrace to the family if someone goes out in public and isn’t put together. In America, it is not a shock to see someone grocery shopping in pajamas or going to class in sweats. Of course I love fashion, but it was easy to be lazy with my wardrobe choices back at Kent State. I am already running out of clothes that will work for the hot weather and washing clothes here is as old fashioned as it gets. This is an opportunity for me to get creative with my outfit combinations. Luckily, my peers are an inspiration and the Fashionista in this post is an ideal example.

I am overwhelmed by all the details that make this look so on point. Starting from the top, the simple braid is adorable and practical for keeping hair out of the way in the heat. The makeup is fresh and natural, just as the Italians do. This mock neck tank top is a basic top that can be mixed with a million other outfit combinations. The leather buckle belt is the holy grail of the look; it is an item that everyone is on the search for. An accessory that can take over a look and always make it fashionable is an accessory worth having. The fascination continues with these incredible flare leg jeans. The wide leg is back and better than ever, therefore it is also an item to be on the look for! This black suede bag can be used as a backpack and a purse. It can fit everything you need on your long days out in Florence. Nude mules wrap up the look with some extra height and style. The cup of gelato is truly an accessory in itself and the best tasting one at that.