FASHION FROM ABROAD: A Pre-Scotland Stopover

September 5th, 2016 at 2:00am
FASHION FROM ABROAD: A Pre-Scotland Stopover

On our first morning in Milan, when my mom saw my outfit, she said I looked like I was in a different decade. She felt as if I was trying to channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday; wrong city, but I couldn’t disagree.

For our long walking tour, I tried to dress comfortably, but I will not lie: that was never my top priority. I was chose a white off-the-shoulder top—which seemed to be the top trend of summer 2016—to wear on my first full day in the city, which is often considered the fashion capital of the world. I paired it with a skirt that I picked up at a vintage store at home a few years ago. It’s striking red fabric was scattered with the different suits of a deck of cards; it felt a bit Alice in Wonderland-esque, and I loved that. My black Longchamp bag is perfect for traveling as it can easily be folded up and fits everything I need. In terms of shoes, my Stubbs and Wootton smoking slippers are extremely comfortable, even when trekking around a new city for a few days. I really enjoyed the combo of the skirt and crop top, it was not too hot even with the weather in Milan reaching 90 degrees. I definitely did not blend in with the sleek fashion of Milan, but I’m not a “blend in” kind of person in the slightest, so I wasn’t bothered.

Milan wasn’t my favorite city in Italy. I felt it lacked that certain character that differentiated it from others, but it does have some beautiful sights, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to visit before I went back to Scotland for second year.