Good News! Your Spring Florals Are Still Relevant For Summer

The time has come to put away our spring florals and bust out our bright and popping shades of summer. Though, if you’re like me, you probably think it’s always too soon to hide those beautiful buds from the world. Well, I have news for you—you don’t have to! Inspired by the resurfacing of ’70s style in mainstream fashion, this outfit combines delicate details with bold color-blocking, perfect for the transition from spring to summer.

The Floral:

Relatively simple itself, this outfit is perfect for Fashionistas that prefer not to wear a lot of jewelry. The centerpiece of this outfit is the beautiful floral-patterned silk scarf tied around my neck. The scarf makes the outfit cohesive by tying in the purple of the shoes, the orange of the tank top, and the navy of the skirt. Without it, the outfit would feel incomplete. The lace eyelet of the white bomber jacket provides another subtle floral undertone. Designed by Free People, it screams polished without being too preppy. The navy trim complements the light blue background of the scarf and the navy of the skirt. Lightweight, yet still functional, this jacket is a great layer to throw over any outfit to keep you warm on those chilly summer nights.

The Color-block:

Complementing the scarf is a stunning set of lilac lace-up heels. These shoes are a must-have for the summer with their striking color and popular style. The effortlessness, yet sexiness of the lace-up style makes these shoes my go-to for the months of June and July. Pair these shoes with a mini skirt, as you see here, or a pair of white jeans to dress them down. Either way, all eyes will be drawn to these beauties.

The '70s:

Finishing off the outfit are the tank top, the mini skirt, and the sunglasses. The striped trim and bright color of the top is reminiscent of quintessential ’70s fashion, while the Michael Kors sunglasses are a nod to the ’70s as well. The corduroy mini skirt, popular in any decade, gives this outfit a feminine touch without being too foppish.

Overall this outfit is playful, colorful, and is certain to draw attention. Whether you rock this look at brunch, a summer concert, or on an adventure, these florals will not let you down.

What trends will you carry over from spring to summer? Let me know in the comments below!