Everything You Wanted To Know About Serums But Were Embarrassed To Ask

So I bought some serums and Instagram made me do it.

Let me explain, after scrolling through my Instagram feed as I do every morning, I saw fellow Style Gurus testing out what seemed to look like cute pastel eye droplets. After reading the caption, I learned these are not any ordinary product. Instead, they are serums. So I did my research and what do you know later that week I ended up with a box on my doorstep filled with serums from Glossier. (Honestly I couldn’t help it, their Instagram aesthetic is on point.)

Well, what is a serum exactly?

A serum is a skincare product that is applied to the skin (face) after cleansing. Its intent is to deliver powerful ingredients into the skin. They are particularly used to target skincare concerns, like acne, wrinkles and dark spots.

Since I’m new to the serum world, I’m going to be talking about the three I received in the mail. (Disclosure, I’m not a doctor nor a skincare expert. I can not promise serums will work for you. But who isn’t looking to revamp their skincare routine as we head into the new year?)

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Say hello to the Super Pack. Three different serums promising three different outcomes.

I’m will not go into full detail because that’s what the website is for, however I will explain how I use them.

First Super Glow. All you highlight fanatics this is for you. I use Super Glow under my eyes and cheekbones every morning. Like the product says it meant to brighten and energize dull skin. So after sleepless nights (hello college) this is a must.

Second Super Pure. My favorite, because my teenage acne is still sticking around in my twenties. (Lucky me!) This serum’s promise is to calm breakout prone skin. Although my acne is still hanging out, Super Pure takes away the redness and inflammation (insert praise emoji).

Third Super Bounce. This super is more targeted towards wrinkles, which thankfully I’m lacking but it’s good to be prepared. I use it on my dry cracked skin and follow up with a moisture every night.

So there you have it. Although I use Glossier, there are many other options that do the same thing. It’s good to get to know your skin and find out what you’re looking for in a serum.