Everything You Need in Your Summer Survival Kit

Summer is the time to do everything, but it can be hard to jump from one event to the next. Your friends want you to come over after work, but there’s hardly any time to go home and get ready, and there is no way that you’ll show up in your work uniform. So what’s a gal to do? Make a summer survival kit to keep you prepared for anything!

So first off, you’ll want a bag to keep everything in. Mini backpacks are everywhere for the festival season, and they are a lifesaver. They’re small enough to fit in your work locker and passenger seat, but big enough to hold the essentials. I found mine at Goodwill, so try thrifting for this!

The most important items to carry around: bug repellent and sunscreen. They may not seem like the most fashionable items, but neither is the redness from sunburns and bug bites. Also, offering someone bug spray is a great way to start a conversation with the cute person you’ve been eyeing at the bonfire. I recommend bug wipes, since they are smaller and easier to carry around. Glossier just came out with a sunscreen that is small and portable to fit well into your bag.

You only need a few beauty/makeup products to update your look on the go. My absolute favorite is the eyeliner stamp. Adding a star or heart on the outer corner of your eye adds a fun touch, not to mention people will think you worked hard on your makeup when in reality you just stamped it on at a red light. Other beauty essentials are lip balm with SPF, your go-to lipstick, oil blotting papers, and travel sized perfume.

I like to carry a change of clothes with me. My go-to is a T-shirt dress, since it’s light and works for any event. Whatever you choose to pack, make sure it’s from a soft/stretchy fabric that will not wrinkle after being rolled up tightly in your bag.

Don’t forget about your electronics! A portable charger is a must if you’re on the go all day. Keep your instant camera and extra film in the bag to capture all your summer memories.

This summer survival kit will keep you prepared for the full schedule that summer throws at you!

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