How Establishing a Daily Routine Led Me to Success

How Establishing a Daily Routine Led Me to Success

During my freshman year of college, I realized that I was complaining way too frequently that there were not enough hours in the day. I recalled seeing a funny meme that stated, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé,” and I decided it was time to make a change. While I may not be as cool as Queen B, I have established a killer daily routine. Keep reading to find out the three things I do as part of my routine and how they have helped lead me to success.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

First, a planner is your best friend when establishing a routine. One of the most useful tips I learned my freshman year of college was to add all assignment due dates and exam dates to your planner as soon as you get your syllabus. In addition, I also add in any social events, job hours, or other obligations so that everything is organized in one place. This ensures that I never miss a due date, and it helps me visualize how busy my week will be.

I also suggest keeping a calendar somewhere in your room to map out your class schedule. Take this a step further and block out certain times every single week for things that you have to get done outside of the classroom. This includes weekly homework assignments, laundry, going to the gym, and study hours. (Pro tip: Once you block off time for these things, treat them the same way you would treat attending your scheduled classes). Doing this drastically improved my time management skills. If you follow your schedule, you’ll realize you have so much more time for the stuff you actually want to do.

PHOTO: Madison Paloski

I truly believe that the key part of a successful routine starts as soon as you wake up. Push yourself to get up and going after just one alarm. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to start your day if you don’t lay in bed for 20 minutes hitting snooze or scrolling through Instagram. In addition, make a habit of eating breakfast every day. Accomplishing a small task in the morning, even if it’s just making sure you eat breakfast, helps put you in the mindset of being productive. I have found that getting up and moving sets me up for a successful day.

PHOTO: Daisa Harris

Getting into a routine can definitely be challenging. However, with a little diligence and a lot of organization, you’ll realize how easy it can be…You’ll never hear me say that there aren’t enough hours in the day again!

What tips do you have for establishing a routine? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by Cassidy Clark.