The Ease in Studying What You're Passionate About

October 11th, 2017 at 1:05am

There is a sense of ease that comes with studying what you are passionate about in life. It’s important to embrace your passions and pursue things that you are good at. I know this topic is a tricky one because of the negative perceptions that society has but there are ways to look past this. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been questioned about my future. Being asked if I would “survive” in the fashion industry because so many people are in it (read up on other fashion myths here).

People always have their own opinions on what they believe is the best way to succeed and in most cases, it’s studying what they call a ‘real job’ that will bring you tons of success and cash. It can be discouraging when you’re looked over by others because you’re studying what you really love. Let’s look at some tips that I found helpful on how to embrace and keep your passion alive.

stay confident in your career choice

I know it can be a bit discouraging when people are constantly questioning and almost doubting your future but you need to remain confident. Keep reminding yourself that this is what you love and that you are good at it. It doesn’t matter what others may think of your career path; all that matters is that you are determined to succeed in what you love.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

don’t listen to the haters

It’s about what you want to study, not what they think you should. At the end of the day, it’s your life! You have to live it the way you want and if you wish to follow a certain career path then make sure to do that.

PHOTO: Layne Miller

surround yourself with other passionate people

Sometimes it helps to be around people who are studying the same thing as you or something similar. It’s important to be around people who bring positivity and understanding toward your life. Good energy and relatability will give you the confidence to remain positive about your career choice in life.

In the end, remind yourself that this is your life and of course you want to be happy living it. The power to choose what to do for the rest of your life is totally in your hands so make sure to make the most of it. Tell us what you’re passionate about on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista! 

Featured photo by Ali Bell.


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