The Dynamic Duo to Catch Summer Memories

July 12th, 2017 at 2:00am
The Dynamic Duo to Catch Summer Memories

What time is it? Summer time… as they would sing in High School Musical. Summers are always filled with memories: spending time and going places with friends and family. Whether you are flying overseas and exploring new destinations or staying close to home, capturing your summer vacation through pictures is a great way to make the memories last longer.

The two cameras that I use a lot to capture my summer memories are my Canon G7x Mark II and the Fujifilm Neo Classic Polaroid Camera. The G7x is a point and shoot that has many features that most DSLR cameras have. The quality of the pictures and videos on the camera is spectacular. It is small and compact which makes it easy to carry around when you are on the go and don’t want to carry a bulky DSLR camera around. Not to mention, there is a flip out screen that faces forward, which is perfect for group selfies.

The Fujifilm Neo Classic Polaroid that I have looks like an old vintage camera, but it still works the same compared to the other Fujifilm Mini-Series Polaroids. It does have a few different setting options compared to the Mini camera series, however, it’s nothing too difficult to learn. I love the way Polaroid pictures turn out; the white frames and the colors of the pictures are very unique. Whether you decide to get the Neo Classic model or the Mini Series model, they both have the same results.

I am a photo addict and a memory junkie; I love the concept of being able to capture a moment in time. Once you have some pictures of your summer, it’s so easy to print them out and have them around. I like displaying my favorite pictures in frames or taped onto my walls and doors. I also have them in a photo album as well. However, recently I started a summer journal to write about my summer days and I fill it in with my summer adventures.

In my summer journal, I always include pictures of the day that I am writing about. I think writing is just one part of journaling. The words give a story, but adding a visual to the entry really brings it to another level. That’s why these two cameras are my two summer digital essentials for capturing these hot summer days.

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