5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space This Spring

February 25th, 2019 at 5:00pm
5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space This Spring

Having a clean, organized dorm room is key to killing it during the new semester! But it’s also so important to have a space that matches your aesthetic where you can unwind. We’ve all grown a ton since the school year started, and our dorm may not be the best representation of who we are now. Dorm spring cleaning is a great way to update your space, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily, our community members have figured out a few easy ways to refresh your dorm for spring!

Get a Plant

Dorm feeling a little lifeless? The easiest way to breathe life back into your space during your dorm spring cleaning is through some greenery! We don’t all have a green thumb, or the time required to take care of a high maintenance plant, but a simple cactus or succulent will work wonders. Even fresh flowers or a faux plant can bring the beauty of a plant without the hassle of trying to keep something alive. Low on space? A hanging plant can still channel the vibes without taking up valuable square footage.  

Try a Moodboard

Spice up those bland dorm walls with a bit of your own personal style. Snag a few magazines and head to IG for inspo, then tackle that wall. Double-sided tape is a total lifesaver when putting up a moodboard, letting you hang photos flush against the wall without damaging the paint. Stick to a general color palette, but vary the photo sizes for a really cool editorial look!

Update Your Polaroid Display

Did you take more photos with your friends and family over winter break? Hang them up! Looking at pictures of your loved ones is a great way to stay motivated during this long semester, and adds a personal touch to your dorm. 

Tidy Up

If binge-watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo over break taught us anything, it’s that clutter not only has a negative impact on the aesthetic of your space, but also on your state of mind. While most of us probably don’t have the time to implement the Konmari method in every area of our lives, just going through your closet and seeing what sparks joy is a great first step in your dorm spring cleaning.

Dedicate Time to Deep Clean

Recruit your friends and roomies for a dorm spring cleaning party! Setting aside a Sunday morning to really deep clean your living space is the easiest way to get that cleaning done all at once, so you can focus on class and your internship during the week. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring! Put on a playlist, grab your girls, and have some fun with it!


How do you intend on refreshing your dorm this semester? Share your dorm spring cleaning ideas below!

Opening image by Meredith Banks