DIY Dorm Room Decor on a Budget

August 14th, 2017 at 2:00am
DIY Dorm Room Decor on a Budget

As August approaches, all we can think about is going back to school. We think about our friends, classes, and, of course, the dorms we’ll be living in for the next nine months. Considering you live in your dorm 75 percent of the year, it would only make sense to make your room feel homey! So why not DIY dorm room decor by yourself?

What’s the perfect way to do that? Surround yourself with canvases that make you smile the moment you wake up! I know what you’re thinking. Room decor can definitely add up and in the midst of buying your necessities, you might not have enough to spend on decorations. That’s why I recommend to DIY dorm room decor. It saves so much money. Here’s how I started.

Triangle Shaped Canvas

1—Buy a plain canvas, tape, paint, and brushes from your local arts and crafts store. You can also use some products you have on hand like old makeup brushes or never used fashion tape.

2—Then, take the canvas and use your tape to create triangles on your canvas! (It looks super cute if they’re different sizes and not symmetrical.)

3—Now start mixing the paints you bought and painting each triangle. (It’s okay to be messy!)

4—Let the paint dry for a couple hours. (Perfect time to start your next DIY.)

5—Finally, start taking off the tape from the canvas.

6—Once you’ve taken them all off, you’re done!

7—Optional: If the lines aren’t as smooth as you hoped, take white paint on a brush and clean up the edges.

Ombre Quote Canvas

1—Buy a plain canvas, paint, sticker letters, and a sponge brush from your local arts and crafts store.

2—Then, choose a quote you’d like to put on the canvas.

3—Use the stickers to write out the quote.

4—Start with white paint and add a little bit of blue until you reach the first color.

5—Start sponging on the paint to create a textured look.

6—Keep adding blue paint to the white to achieve the ombre look.

7—Once the whole canvas is covered, let the paint dry for a couple of hours.

8—Peel off the sticker letters and you’re done!

It’s just that simple and easy to make your dorm look super cute! I chose blue for my theme because it was my favorite color, but you can use any colors you have on hand. With this DIY dorm room decor, your room could not get any homier and for a cheap price! What’s better than waking up to your very own creation and a quote that never fails to make you smile?

Now it’s your turn to show off your artistic skills! Show us your creations by tagging @Cfashionista!