4 Choker Styles for the Modern Day Cher Horowitz

Chokers have been making a comeback for a while now, the popular ’90s trend is seeing a resurgence in both formal and casual wear. Most fast-fashion stores are beginning to carry a variety of styles of this necklace trend, letting you ditch the tattoo choker from your childhood for an upgraded look. With an overwhelming amount of styles to choose from and many DIY options, there a few versions of this trend everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe!

For myself, layering necklaces has become crucial part of my everyday look and chokers are the perfect addition to any assortment of metals and styles. Check out below the newest additions to my collection that have been key to both my day and nighttime looks and get some accessory inspiration! The choker trend is definitely not going anywhere any time soon, so why not try out different styles for spring?


A shift away from tattoo chokers, metal chokers pair well with other necklaces that may already be in your collection—making them great for a layered look. Whether you dress them up or down, having gold and silver pieces are always great additions to any collection of jewelry.


Lace is perfect for a night out if you want a change from your usual velvet chokers. Whether you want to go bold with a larger piece or add a more minimal accessory, these pieces are vampy and elegant at once.


A familiar Instagram favorite, the rhinestone-studded choker is definitely a statement piece to add to your wardrobe. Pairing it on its own with more neutral clothes will let the necklace stand out on its own—its all the glitz and glamour you need for a night out in one choker!


While not chokers per se, the ascot has also been on the rise! This trend is a different take on the same style, and creates a gorgeous look whether for day or night! Fold your scarf on a diagonal and tie it however you wish—it adds from texture and pattern to any everyday look.

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