ALL IN THE DETAILS: Weekday Uniform

We all have a go-to outfit formula for the school week. One of the most common, and classic, is the basic T-shirt and jeans combination. Though this Fashionista starts with the basics, she elevates her look by adding subtle eye-catching details.

Adding a print or pop of color is one of the best ways to create a stand out look, and this Fashionista does both! Since she kept the rest of the look neutral, her red striped T-shirt stands out. Stripes are totally trending this spring, and are a great way to incorporate a print without going overboard.

At first glance, her jeans look like any pair of well-fitted denim, but by looking closer, one can see the frayed hem detailing at the bottom. This clever DIY is an easy and accessible way to add interest to a basic outfit. As far as shoes go, instead of choosing basic ballerina flats, this Fashionista streamlines the look by wearing this pointed toe slingback pair. This detail adds an element of sophistication to her outfit.

Lastly, the chic look is unified by gold detailing throughout. The Fashionista wears a dainty gold ring in the shape of an eye to add a little edge and sparkle. Wearing dainty jewelry is a great way to accessorize for those who prefer more minimal outfits. To complement the gold in the ring, she finishes the look with a classic black tote with gold hardware.

These small details give any combination a polished finish and elevate a basic weekday uniform to a fashionable outfit that’s sure to stand out in the crowd!