If you’re a college student, you probably spent the last couple of weeks moving out of your dorm, and getting ready for the summer break. Amidst studying for finals and feverishly finding summer jobs or internships, we still manage to pack our lives away for the next three months before we start a new school year all over again. As a fashion lover, pulling out all my clothes and packing them can be stressful yet exciting, as it is a chance to get rid of things you never wore, and discover your favorite summer pieces. Seeing all my bright colored tops and summer dresses when I looked through my closet brought a thrill of excitement for what’s to come this summer.

During the warmer months, I tend to have a more bohemian style and I start to wear more color. That’s not to say I neglect my neutral pieces, but just that my colorful clothes get a little more love. And, one of my favorite colors to wear during the summer is red, which this Fashionista managed to wear despite it being a cold and cloudy day in Chicago.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a great combination to shift into the summer months. Her camouflage print sneakers are ideal for busy summer days, and the pop of red on the back of them matches perfectly with her red long sleeve T-shirt. Her light wash jeans and denim vest are a great combination with this color. While this outfit isn’t too summery, it’s a great way to bring in color for the first few days of summer, or for those chilly nights. This summer, try wearing a bright color with some basic denim (even if you’re like me and live in neutrals)!