ALL IN THE DETAILS: One Step Into Graduation

May 29th, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s time for photos, memories, packing, and celebrating. It’s graduation time at the Mount and this Fashionista is ready for her diploma and to make her way into the real world! Yeah, you may be wearing a cap and gown all day, but who says you can’t wear the cutest accessories to show off your style all day?

This Fashionista wears a white long sleeve dress for under her graduation gown, complete with a lace detail that dresses it up! Not to mention, it’s lightweight, so perfect for the long day ahead.

What tops off her outfit, however, are her accessories. Mount St. Mary’s University’s colors are blue and white, so this grad perfectly represents the Mount on her big day! On graduation day, arguably the most important part of the outfit is the shoes. Some parents use shoes to identify their child from a distance in the crowd, and the grads realize it’s the only real piece of their outfit that is visible the whole day! This Fashionista’s shoes set her one step ahead of the rest! She wears navy blue lace up chunky heels for the special occasion. Cute and comfortable!

Finally, she keeps her jewelry clean and simple by adding a few chain bracelets to wear at the bottom of her dress sleeve. This balances and complements the large piece of jewelry on her hand—the class ring. This chunky class ring draws attention to her newly done manicure and shows off her school pride on the best day possible!

Graduation day may be one of the most photographed days of your life, so although your outfit may not show much, spice it up with the cutest accessories you can find. They’ll set you apart from the hundreds or thousands of other students wearing the same colored gowns in the crowd.