ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Minimalist Look

May 3rd, 2017 at 2:10am

When walking around campus, the outfits that always catch my eye are the ones that seemingly look simple. Yet, in those clothes that feature the minimalist style, the little details are what really help the outfit pop. From the subtle floral patterns to small golden hoops, I love the looks that take the bright and colorful and use them subtlety.

In this look, I especially loved the colors that this Fashionista chose. From the light blue of her button down, to the whites, browns, and blues of her shorts; all of the colors blend together in a way that doesn’t distract from the overall look. I especially loved the way she paired her solid black tank top with her solid brown tote, and the way those two colors combined in her outfit.

My favorite part of her styling, however, is the floral shorts. I thought she picked the perfect print to tie together her entire look. The flowers brought more colors into the outfit, but they were a little dull and so they didn’t distract from the outfit as a whole. However, I thought that this detail was what really showed this Fashionista’s fun personality.

Her accessories also really helped to complete this minimalist look. Her golden hoop earrings, although simple, added a touch of shimmer to the outfit. The gold in the outfit actually strings its way throughout her entire look, from her earrings to her rings. I love the way that she thought purposefully to tie them together. Even though the jewelry is not statement jewelry, each piece thoughtfully adds to the look.

The bag that this Fashionista chose is perfect as a detail. While this tote is big, it does not take away from the overall look. In fact, I think that it’s the reason the shorts and the top work together. The tote is a transition piece between the black in the top and the blues in the shorts. I love the way these colors combine and how the tote helps them get there.

This look is a minimalist classic, made perfect by its little details. If you’re looking for a simple outfit with a statement, this Fashionista has the look for you.