ALL IN THE DETAILS: Festival Season

May 10th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Festival Season

Whether you’re a complete music junkie or you’re captivated by the lure of the endless summer vibes and constant streams of celebrities, it is hard to deny music festival season when it is in full swing. Most occur in mid-spring, making it the perfect opportunity to finally put away winter clothes and break out your denim shorts and flowy tops. Not to mention, music festivals are the perfect excuse to experiment with your makeup to really make your outfit pop.

This Fashionista is showing off the perfect style for festival season by embracing the warm weather and having fun with her fashion choices. Her bell-sleeve top is fun and eye catching without being too over the top. It gives her outfit just the right amount of flair and will keep her cool in the summer heat while she’s jamming to her favorite artists. She chose worn, white Converse to match her shirt without having to worry about dirtying a new pair of shoes on the festival grounds.

The most impressive aspects of her outfit are the small details that work to make the outfit truly enviable. Her pink denim skirt with gold buttons complements her gold jewelry, which add a sense of continuity to the outfit. Nothing is worse than unintentional mixing of silver and gold detailing in an outfit. Her black sunglasses match her super simple, black choker, and the blue lenses tie her shirt into the details of her look as well. She chose to have some fun with her makeup, going for a dark lip and white circles about her brows to add a little whimsy.

Regardless of if you’re heading to Coachella or your local music fest, this look is just right. It encompasses the crazy, adventurous nature of the festivals without requiring outrageous pieces you’ll never wear again. You’re sure to turn heads, just like this Fashionista did!