What Feminism Means to College Students Today

March 8th, 2018 at 2:00am

College Fashionista is an international community of inspiring, motivating, strong, and unique college students with big dreams and aspirations. Besides furthering their careers and growing as individuals, they are focused on amplifying the voice of their generation as a whole. CF members define what it means to be a “community.”

The CF Community believes in the awesome power of women. In fact, a large portion of the CF community is made up of young college women. Many of them are prime examples of what it means to be a modern feminist. They are advocates for women’s rights and equality; encourage their friends, followers, and even complete strangers to achieve their goals; and are the future leaders we can’t wait to see take on the world.

That said, we asked our community members (who embody these incredible traits) what the term “feminism” means to them. Below are their insightful thoughts to consider today—and everyday—as we progress to a better future for all.

“Feminism is more than a movement or a moment. It should be a way of life where women are—without question—equal.” – Tia K.

“It means standing up for what you believe in. Whether it be your rights, your choices, your body, or anything else in-between. Feminism is about loving yourself and supporting all of the women around you in their beliefs.” – Gabrielle V.

“Feminism, to me, means equality. So as a woman, my duty is to educate those that are not aware of that. Anything men can do, women can do as well. Just because we ask for help does not define weakness.” – Hope P.

“Feminism is bringing empowerment to not just women, but to men around you, too. It is about cherishing the life-changing events of the past and looking toward creating a better future for all people. Own your body and your rights but also be the bigger person. The future is female, but also male.” – Kelso B.

“To me, feminism means embracing who you are and what you stand for—regardless if others are supporting your or not. It’s all about being the most powerful, confident, and best version of yourself.”- Vera R.

“Feminism is so important. It is something I will teach my kids about. Feminism is equality.. It is power, acceptance and love. Feminism is the future.” – Hannah T.

“It means that all women have the right to be equal to men, but that doesn’t mean overpowering them. It simply means being able to be looked at the same with no judgements.” – Allie G.

“I’ve always surrounded myself with women. I live with my mom, my best friends are all women, and my squad is made up of women. A woman with goals and dreams is the most powerful influence in human existence.” – Eduardo H.

“To me, feminism means that nobody has to live insecurely. Men and women should feel like they can be 100% authentically themselves.- Both are sensitive, powerful beings capable of anything, and feminism pushes for everyone to realize this and take away the barriers and limits of gender discrimination and stereotyping.” – Sage D.

“Feminism isn’t just about owning the woman in you. It’s empowering other women to do the same because—let’s face it—not enough women acknowledge how amazing they are.” – Kate T.

What’s your definition of feminism? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Photo via Emily Ciavatta