In Defense of Buying the Dress

You know the dress. The one you had to have. It holds a special place in your closet and in your heart. Unfortunately, college means trading mall trips for meals. In this constant state of frugality, justifying spending more money than you would like to on something that you don’t necessarily need is not easy. Though, I will forever defend my purchase because the feeling of slipping it on this morning was well worth the wait.

Everyone should stumble upon the dress. You will not be looking for it, but it will find you.

What qualifies a dress as the dress?

1—It will be your size, even better, when it is the only size left available.

2—It will be your color. Whatever is most flattering to your skin tone, and what you are most comfortable in.

3—It will be the perfect length for your height.

4—It doesn’t have to be a dress. A power suit or jumper can evoke the same feeling.

5—The feeling: you must feel like the best version of yourself. If you don’t feel it, don’t buy it.

6—Finding it might surprise you, and it is okay to step out of your norm. Note to self: it does not have to come in black.

The event has still yet to grace my calendar. This isn’t exactly the perfect moment I had envisioned for its debut, but it served well as a trial run. I opted to dress it down with sneakers instead of heels, and a velvet choker to match. The dress may speak for itself, but every Cinderella needs her shoes. Though, when the perfect occasion does arise, I’ll be ready—heels in tow.

To all my ladies waiting for the perfect time to wear the dress, you aren’t alone. To some, this may feel like a waste of money, but we know better. When all else fails, wear it anyway! I certainly didn’t mind. If the opportunity doesn’t arise, it is perfectly okay to make your own.

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