The Throwback Fashion Trends We'll Still Be Here for in 2018

The Throwback Fashion Trends We'll Still Be Here for in 2018

It’s no secret that many of our favorite “current” trends are actually references to retro styles developed over decades past. With items from the 1960s straight through the 2000s resurfacing, these revivals feel more current than costumey. I asked a few of our community members to dish on the decades they’re taking the most inspiration from right now, along with their tips on how to try these throwback trends to add a bit of fashion history to your next #OOTD.


PHOTO: @hannah_fyfe

1970s: The Jumpsuit

“Usually I just wear all black, but lately I’m loving vintage orange and yellow tones, as well as striped pants,” says Hannah Fyfe, Columbia College Chicago class of 2019. “I think fashion everywhere is reflecting the ’70s in some way either in color or patterns—I can’t help but incorporate it into my wardrobe, too.”

leather jacket

PHOTO: @jordanshiley

1980s: The Punk-Rock Moto

“I can’t get enough high-waisted pants, fur coats, and platform shoes,” says Jordan Shiley, James Madison University class of 2018. Still, her favorite go-to is a trusty leather jacket. “A lot of my style inspo comes from the rocker era in the UK with an ’80s twist. I love wearing leather jackets and a lot of black.”

1990s: The Slip Dress

“I loved the ’90s era for fashion because of the denim and slip dresses,” says Naomi Parris, School of Visual Arts class of 2021. “I especially love slip dresses because they’re comfortable, and you can dress them up or down—they’re seriously perfect for class.”

2000s: Wear-With-Everything Sneakers

Pauliina Vartola, Aarhus University class of 2019, says she’s “inspired by a number of decades including the ’70s, the ’90s, and, most prominently, the 2000s.” She loves to wear noughties trends in a subtler way, rocking hoodies under jackets, tube tops over long-sleeve shirts, and classic boot-cut jeans with simple, modern pieces.

Which decade inspires your style? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by @eleftheria.gia.