Daily Habits For Success to Help You Conquer Your Day

Daily Habits For Success to Help You Conquer Your Day

Most college students walk around each day wishing they knew what daily habits for success they really needed. Time is a valuable commodity in college, so what a student decides to spend her time on should be what she deems to be most valuable. Believe it or not, upgrading your day to a new level of success doesn’t have to be a life changing commitment. Small steps tweaked in your daily life can really make longer strides and help you prioritize what’s really important to you. This list of daily habits for success is just what an over-committed college student needs.

  • Tackle tough projects first. If your to-do list is ever-growing, start your day by accomplishing the biggest project on your list. It is more effective to use your higher energy times for bigger projects. Then later in the day, when you have less energy, tackle the easier projects.
  • Designate specific times to answer emails. The constant ding of your phone or pop-up email notification on your computer can be pretty distracting. It;s also not efficient to stop what you are doing completely to answer an email. Instead of being constantly overwhelmed, designate different times of your day to check your emails (e.g., first thing in the morning, after lunch, or before you sign off your computer in the evening).
  • Do a two minute clean. Having a clean work space is a definite must for a productive day. You can’t spend your entire day wiping your entire desk down and sorting through your closet. If you are in the middle of working and you can’t handle the clutter, set a timer for two minutes and try to clean as much as you can.
  • Sweat it out. Elle Woods wasn’t making it up when she said working out gives you endorphins. Exercising can have a number of great benefits like boosting your mood for the day or even giving you a burst of energy. Try scheduling in regular workout sessions in your day. It could help you be more productive and less groggy in the long run!
  • Read about your industry. Rushing through all of your classes each day is time-consuming. You may still be wondering what more you can do to get a leg up when you start applying for jobs or internships. One easy way is to be informed about your industry. Find a few reputable websites, magazines, or books that report on news about your desired industry and dedicate a few minutes each day or each week to search through and stay in the loop.
  • Keep a journal for reaching goals. Everything feels a little more serious when you put it down on paper. In order to achieve certain goals in life, commit them to a notebook. Dedicate that notebook to planning out steps to reaching that goal and progress points along the way.
  • Stretch it out. There is nothing better than a good stretch to get your blood flowing. Whether you had a late night of studying or you’ve just been feeling a bit under the weather, consider starting or ending your day with a good stretch. Take just a couple minutes to loosen up your muscles. Not only is it dedicated time for yourself but it can also help you sleep better in the evening.
  • Schedule thinking time. When planning out your schedule for the day, make sure to include some thinking time. Sometimes the pace of the day can just go by so quickly  that you haven’t really recognized what you are doing. Set aside a few minutes to just think about your day, decide how you can improve certain aspects of your life, or reach your goals sooner.
  • Go technology-free for two minutes. In this age, it’s hard to point out a time when your attention isn’t absorbed by your phone or laptop. Whether it’s right when you wake up or in the middle of the afternoon, shut your phone off for two minutes while you drink a cup of coffee or write in a journal. Just two minutes can give your mind a little break so that it is ready to keep pushing through the day.
  • Wake up early. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have any time to work towards any side hustles or focus on personal goals. A good solution? Set your alarm just a little bit earlier. Imagine what you could get done if you woke up 30 minutes earlier each morning. You could read a book, work on that side hustle, or do a quick workout before your day has even started.
  • Plan your day the night before. Nothing will make you more satisfied than going to bed having a plan for the next day. If you know the following day is going to be a tough one, make a schedule for yourself. You will be able to approach the following day with a more positive attitude knowing that you have a game plan. Here is where you can schedule in time for your daily habits for success.
  • Meditate. To keep yourself sane, a little meditation wouldn’t hurt. With the fast pace expectations of life, having a minute to slow down and just focus on your breathing can really help. It’ll be easier to deal with stressful situations or days when you’re feeling exhausted.
  • Practice gratitude. It’s important to look back on the people and things that have helped you get to wear you are. It’s proven that if you spend a few minutes regularly thinking about what you are grateful for that you will be a happier person. Practice gratitude in order to really appreciate the accomplishments you’ve made in life. Also be sure to use it to recognize the people who have helped you get there.
  • Listen to educational podcasts. Sometimes you need a little break from the outside world during your commute. Instead of playing mindless music, pop in your headphones and tune in to a podcast. Find podcasts related to topics you’ve always wanted to learn more about. It can turn your commute into a little escape.


What daily habits for success do you find work best? Share them with us below!

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