How-To Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Summer Goals

June 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

If you’re like me, then you also need at least two weeks to destress from school to do absolutely nothing. I always spend time catching up on sleep, binge watching Netflix, spending time with friends, and getting food from my favorite places that I missed while I was away. But summer isn’t all about relaxing and doing nothing. For most college kids, it’s also a time to get a summer job or internship or take a summer class. After I spent the wonderful two (okay, maybe three) weeks of doing nothing, I decided it was time to set some goals for the summer.

A fun way to decompress and set goals is to create a vision board. Vision boards are a creative way to help you reach certain goals. Creating them is a fun, relaxing, and mindful project. I’m not a professional vision board maker, but the best advice I have is to have fun with it. It’s fun to see what interests you the most and how your thoughts become reality. You can choose what inspires the vision you have for your board. You can do it all in one sitting or you can add to it overtime. The best part about it is that there are no rules. Allow your creativity to take over.


What do you want to achieve this summer? Do you want to workout, read, travel, or simply go to the beach more? Think about the things you want to manifest into reality. One way to do this is to write or journal your thoughts and then find the images/words that can bring those thoughts to life.


Any old magazine you have lying around will be your best friend when creating a vision board. If you can’t find what you want, simply printing images from online could work, too. Cut out the images or words that inspire you the most.


Now it’s time to create. Start with a blank canvas. You can choose what you want this to be. For example, a cork board or just a simple piece of paper. Start placing your pictures and words in any way you want. For example, one way is to place a picture of yourself in the middle and surround it with your inspirations and goals. However, it’s up to you how you organize it. If you’re having trouble with starting, Pinterest has all different kinds of vision boards.

4—The Finished Product

It’s important to place your vision board in a place that you spend time in often. Seeing your vision board daily will be a constant reminder of the goals you wish to manifest into reality.

I hope you find this project fun and inspirational just like I did! Remember, if you can imagine it then you can achieve it. Thank you for reading my article, I’ll be back for more!

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