Is a Confidence Game-Changer Hiding in Your Closet?

With social media making it terribly easy for online trolls to spread their negative vibes everywhere, self-love and body positivity seems to be in short supply. Combined with the pressures of everyday life, harsh criticism can easily impede your happiness and self-esteem. Shaking off the negativity and walking with your head held high can be easier said than done. True confidence starts from within and translates to how you carry yourself. What’s the best way to bring out your confident side? The answer is simple, just wear whatever you want. No, really!

Though the answer might sound completely cliché, it could really be the game changer you need for a little confidence boost. We all know that looks aren’t everything. But when you wear what you feel good in, it comes across in all your actions. I can name countless times where I’ve left the house in something that I was not so sure about, like that one itchy sweater, or super uncomfortable pair of shoes. Even if it may have looked okay, feeling unsettled or like I constantly had to readjust my clothes broke my focus from what I really needed to get done and made me feel way too self-conscious. Therefore, I’ve become so certain that it’s not what you wear that matters, but how you feel in it. The extra boost of confidence you get when you love what you’re wearing adds a little swag to your walk and makes you feel like you can handle any curve ball thrown your way.

For example, this Fashionista’s every move absolutely radiates positive vibes. Julissa is wearing one of her favorite clothing combinations: a button-down shirt tucked into mom jeans paired with a necktie and old school Adidas sneakers to create a simple and tomboy-inspired look. Yet, she’s giving off a red-carpet ready glow while wearing it.

We often spend so much time trying to work around our insecurities, we forget what we love about ourselves. So, whether it takes dressing up in that LBD that hugs every curve, your favorite distressed jeans that elongate your legs, or those super on-trend sneakers that match everything in your closet to make you feel unstoppable, throw it on! You owe it to yourself to walk out of the house feeling amazing. Feeling confident in your clothes is just the first step to empowering yourself to put your best foot forward.

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