How to Combine Vacation and Work Outfits

August 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

I got the opportunity to intern in London this summer. London is a beautiful city and so is Europe in general. The downside to this trip was I could only bring one suitcase and one hand luggage unless I want to pay extra. My trip plans included traveling to seven other countries over the weekend excluding England. Luckily my job was pretty casual since it was a media company. That being said it’s still not easy to combine work outfits with vacation outfits. Plus it can get pricey. So I decided to show my four favorite outfits that I wore to work and my weekend travels under $35 with simple black flats unless stated otherwise.

For my first trip in Europe, I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I wore a black and white cotton overall dress and combined it with a simple white top. The upside to this look was I could combine the dress and top with any other outfit when I go to work. I like mixing the dress with various neutral color tops.

For my third trip in Europe, I went to the city of love: Paris, France. For Paris, I wanted a more sophisticated look. I wore a houndstooth-print mini skirt with a 3/4 sleeve mesh yoke crop top. I decided to top it off with my black combat boots. The cool thing about this look was it was super easy to combine the items with other items for work. I was able to pair the skirt with most of my black, white, and red tops. The black top went with any bottom.

For my fourth trip in Europe, I went to Barcelona, Spain. Picking out an outfit for this city was a little more difficult since it had to be beach-related. However, it was still manageable. I bought the perfect swimsuit cover-up for the beach and work. This cover-up can easily be worn with a tank top underneath for work. The material of the product is thick enough to make it hard to see through, which makes it work-friendly but if your cover-up is sheer, you can also wear shorts or leggings.

For my last trip in Europe, I went to Vienna, Austria. For this trip, I went with the classic look a black dress. However, in this case, I wore a high-low black dress. A black dress is something you can wear anywhere and doesn’t need to be paired with anything. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best route to go.

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