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CollegeFashionista's Gift Guide: Something For Every Member of Your Guru Gang

December 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

While your friends have a lot in common (like the fact they will social media stalk your ex with you), each one is special in his or her own way.

If you are anything like us, generic “one gift fits all besties” are a no-go. There is no better way to celebrate your unique friendship with each member of your Guru Gang than to find a holiday gift that is just “so” them.

We scoured the Internet to find the perfect gift for every member of your Guru Gang. Check out what we suggest wrapping up for all the BFFs on your holiday list!


For the resident sweet tooth: Rosé Gummy Bears, $20


For the girl with the most Snapchat followers: Emoji Underwear, $60


For the friend who literally has hot sauce in her bag: The Sriracha cookbook, $18


For the friend who has everything: Karl Lagerfeld Pillow, $30


For your roommate who actually cleans up after herself and is always down to Netflix: Candle, $59


For your #1, ride or die BFF: Best Friend Leather Jackets, $1,320


For the friend who also thinks “The Church of Beyoncé” should be a religion: Soul Sister bracelet, $25


For the gal pal who thankfully knows her credit card number by heart at 3 am: Pizza Sweatshirt, $65


For your abroad bestie: Explore luggage tag set, 3 for $16


For every member of your Guru Gang: Girl Gang Bomber, $75