These Real Style Evolutions Will Prove You Actually Learned Something in College

So much has changed for me over the past four years of college. I went from being a clueless 17-year-old freshman who couldn’t wait to have fun to a hardworking college graduate who can’t wait to have a career (and even more fun in the real world). That transition definitely didn’t happen overnight. Every year that went by defined my outlook on work, friendships, relationships, and even my choice in fashion.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt that combination of nostalgia and embarrassment when it came to my personal style evolution. So I asked some of my fellow graduating seniors to take a trip down style memory lane and share their style evolution from freshman to senior year.

Kelsey Baska, graduate from University of Kansas, Strategic Communications Major

Freshman year: “I’m glad that I’ve ditched the kimonos! But I can say that I appreciate all the risks I took because now I can wear anything with out being self conscious of what other people will think.”

Senior year: “My wardrobe mainly consists of classic silhouettes and neutral tones, a little more girly. But I’ve learned how to modify trends to fit my personal style.”

Sofina Bassett, graduate from University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Freshman year: “My style freshman year was very soft, girly, and Blair Waldorf-esque”

Senior year: “My style has definitely evolved. And while I still like feminine clothes, I now really like more edgy, street style looks. I wear a lot more leather and black and own fashion sneakers, which freshman me would never have worn!”

Rachel Park, graduate of University of California, San Diego, Communications Major

Freshman year: “Looking back, I think I paid a lot of attention to my clothes freshman year. I planned each outfit the night before and nine out of 10 times the outfit included my trusty ol’ Dr. Martens. I loved wearing black and layered a ton (whether it was with my clothes or accessories).”

Senior year: “Now, comfort is my number one priority. I wear a lot of oversized loose items and I’m rarely caught with skinny jeans on. I’m really happy I took a lot of risks during my early college career, but I’m glad I’ve been incorporating more colorful, bright, and flowy pieces to my wardrobe!”

Alexandra Scandolo, graduate of University of Toronto

Freshman year: “I came into my first year at the University of Toronto thinking I had really found my style, that I was finally presenting my most genuine self. I had a penchant for fit-and-flare dresses and loved Zooey Deschanel; I was essentially moonlighting as her for half my first year. When I cut all my hair off and started looking at blogs more, I found myself drawn to different looks.”

Senior year: “I’m definitely more daring now in how I dress and I’ve strayed away from copying anyone. I think this is the most authentic I’ve ever been, and it took all of those phases I went through in university to get me here.”

Myself, Peyton Lee, graduate of York College of Pennsylvania, Public Relations Major

Freshman year: “I put a lot of emphasis into how I looked freshman year, but I was putting a lot of my time into other things and not making fashion a priority. I spent money on many cheap pieces of clothing instead of saving and investing in more valuable classics. I also was very afraid to stand out, and I only wore ‘safe’ clothes that no one would question.”

Senior year: “Studying fashion and living in New York City and Florence, Italy changed my perspective on clothing. I realized that while trends are always changing, style is defined by the individual. That is why I stick to classic pieces but add my own personal touches to create authentic looks. Now, I don’t care about what others think about my clothes, because it’s so much fun to wear things for just you.”

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