CLASS OF 2016—What is the one thing you would tell your freshman self?

May 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Graduating is a mixed bag of emotions. You are sad to say goodbye to your friends as you disperse around the country (and world). You are scared about the uncertainty and the reality of becoming a “grown up.” But you are also looking forward to a new beginning, no more finals and living out your real life version of the show, “GIRLS.”

We here at CollegeFashionista are also emotional basket cases when it comes to graduation season. We must say goodbye to another batch of senior Style Gurus, as they become alum not only of their respective colleges and universities, but of CollegeFashionista as well. Whether they have been part of the CF family for a single semester or four years, we know that the Style Guru Class of 2016 is going to accomplish truly incredible things. We can’t wait to see what post-grad life has in store this talented group!

We are sending off our seniors in style. All month long, we will be bringing you features that highlight the thoughts and advice from the CollegeFashionista Class of 2016.

We asked our senior Style Gurus, What is one thing you would tell your freshman self?

Check out what some of these graduating rockstars had to say!

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Don’t take yourself too seriously: enjoy the environment, professors and myriad of opportunities available to you.“—Thando Mlambo

Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.“—Sara Maynard

“Say ‘yes’ more.”—Michelle Cernauske

Explore—with friends, places, food, clothing.“—Katie Telepak

If you dress well, you test well.“—Khody Nokeo

Be bold and explore all your options!“—Shelcy Joseph

Don’t be afraid to try anything and everything! You’ll find new things you like and great friends along the way!“—Hannah Cebula

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything always works out with time.“—Alyssa DiFrancesco

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Your best friends will be the people you least expect. Also, screenshot the campus map on your phone so you don’t carry a map around on your first day.“—Tess Stairiker

Take the time to enjoy college, as it is definitely one of the best times in one’s life. There will always be plenty of time to stress about the future—sit back and enjoy the ride.“—Kasia Kujawski

Take a deep breath.“—Reina Sekiguchi

Work as hard as you possibly can, but don’t forget to have fun.“—Anna Coke

Time management is key! Your planner should be your life. Make sure to leave time before project due dates in case you get behind/need a day or two off from homework. Invest in a cute one that can help you stay organized and obviously be stylish at the same time.“—Cassidy Hutton

It’s ok to not know what you want to do yet! Just relax and have fun.”—Jaclyn Carleton

Don’t worry about trying to please or impress everyone. Just do you and people will respect you for it. And get some sleep.“—Assata Terell

Don’t wait to get involved! If I could go back, I would join as many clubs as I could freshman year.“—Lexy O’Keefe

Your network can never be too large.”—Kristin Clark

Try harder.“—Katherine Shkreli

Start interning early! There are people who will say you can’t or shouldn’t intern until you have a couple years of college under your belt; don’t listen to them!“—Courtney Pelot

Live in the moment because four years goes by way too fast!”—Olivia Gracey

To always try new things, you never know what new passion you might stumble on.“—Shelby Lewandoski

If you’re curious, then go explore! Don’t let anyone hold you back from finding yourself in college.“—Sidney Salvador

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do just yet, or if you feel like you don’t have it all together—it happens to more people than you think and it’s totally okay!”—Julie Jimenez

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That change is a good thing! Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled or explore things out of your comfort zone.“—Rachel Zydyk

Take every chance, opportunity and risk.”—Michelle Igdalev

To make the most of college academically and socially. Get involved in everything you can because college goes by very quick.“—Jenna Swanholm

Go to class!!“—Sheeva Izadi

There are no shortcuts for hard work.“—Tanya Khan

Don’t be afraid of your lack of experience, everyone has to start somewhere.“—Meagan Sapashe

Don’t sweat it! Don’t overthink about things you need to get done, they will work out the way they should.“—Kathryn Reaven

“Do what you love and never compare yourself to anyone else around you.”—Elizabeth Diehl

Believe in the beauty of yourself, your future is so bright.“—Jasmine Green

No matter how hard the obstacle you can over come it if you have faith in yourself.“—Brianna Fox-Priest

The moment you stop living for others expectations is the moment you will exceed them. Be authentic.“—Lauren Saltis

Enjoy the ride, find your passion and never let anyone deny you of that.”—Emily Lebsock

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