CLASS OF 2016—What Excites You Most About Graduating?

Graduating is a mixed bag of emotions. You are sad to say goodbye to your friends as you disperse around the country (and world). You are scared about the uncertainty and the reality of becoming a “grown up.” But you are also looking forward to a new beginning, no more finals and living out your real life version of the show, “GIRLS.”

We here at CollegeFashionista are also emotional basket cases when it comes to graduation season. We must say goodbye to another batch of senior Style Gurus, as they become alum not only of their respective colleges and universities, but of CollegeFashionista as well. Whether they have been part of the CF family for a single semester or four years, we know that the Style Guru Class of 2016 is going to accomplish truly incredible things. We can’t wait to see what post-grad life has in store this talented group!

We are sending off our seniors in style. All month long, we will be bringing you features that highlight the thoughts and advice from the CollegeFashionista Class of 2016.

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First up, we asked our senior Style Gurus, “What excites you most about graduating?”

Check out what some of these graduating rockstars had to say!

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“I hope to never study biology ever again”—Thando Mlambo

“Starting my ‘big girl’ job!”—Sara Maynard

“That the world is full of different opportunities to take advantage of.”—Michelle Cernauske

“Finishing and moving onto better things.”—Annette Jimenez

“My graduation outfit!”—Khody Nokeo

“The responsibility that comes with it.”—Shelcy Joseph

“Not having to do schoolwork anymore!”—Maggie O’Gara

“All the possibilities that lay ahead of me! I get to live and travel to new cities all the time!”—Hannah Cebula

“A new adventure!”—Stephanie Savage

“I’m ready to experience the next chapter in my life.”—Alyssa DiFrancesco

“The fact that school is over is exciting. No more exams! But it’s also scary because now I’m facing the real test that I’ve been studying for: Life.”—Danica Mateo

“Being able to do absolutely anything.”—Tess Stairiker

“Entering the workforce and taking on the real world!”—Kasia Kujawski

“Moving to New York (hopefully)! And no more tests.”—Anna Coke

“Making money! I need more cute clothes in my life, but who doesn’t?”—Cassidy Hutton

“No homework, projects and papers!”—Jaclyn Carleton

“Being able to make my own schedule and not be bound by my class schedule.”—Assata Terell

“I am stoked to set foot on my career path. I have been training for a real job in fashion for years and I feel like it is time to make those dreams a reality.”—Lexy O’Keefe

“Not having to study for exams or write papers that are not benefiting my career”—Kristin Clark

“No more textbooks! I can finally read solely for fun!”—Courtney Pelot

“Finally having the time to explore and see how far I can pursue my true passions!”—Julie Jimenez

“Not knowing what the future holds. I have my whole life ahead of me.”— Jenna Swanholm

“Unlimited tacos for lunch”—Briana Martinez

“Finally settling down and doing life.”—Selah Park

“Seeing what the future holds and where I’ll end up going!”—Kathryn Reaven

“I am excited to start a new adventure. I have no clue where I am going to end up, but that is the fun part.”—Corrinda Wright