CLASS OF 2015: Allison

For the longest time, I was always convinced that the whole college experience wouldn’t have that much of an effect on me since I was going to attend a school close to home on the Texas-Mexico border. Of course, these were the thoughts of my 18 year-old self, and we all know how that goes. If there’s anything I wish I could have told my pre-college self, it most likely would have gone something like this: “You’re incredibly wrong.”

Now, there’s absolutely nothing terrible about being wrong. It’s inevitable for us to make a few mistakes every now and then. More than anything, over the last four years I’ve learned that college truly does have a profound effect, no matter what school you attend. During my freshman year, I was extremely insecure and endlessly worried that my dreams of working in the fashion industry would never come true. As the semesters passed, I learned to let go of my hesitations and put myself out there without fear. The results were kind of amazing.

Solely because of CollegeFashionista, I was able to step far outside my comfort zone and truly become comfortable in my own skin. Over the last two and a half years, I’ve mingled with Fashionistas, networked with my fellow Style Gurus and I was given some of the coolest opportunities to express my creativity. So, I guess the old saying is true. During my time as a college student and a Style Guru, I’ve found that success in the fashion industry can happen wherever you are. I’m definitely going to cherish this fact and apply it to whatever adventures lie ahead me. Because of my involvement with CollegeFashionista, I’m happy to say that I landed a job as the editor of a lifestyle magazine in my area, Rio Mag!

I’m definitely going to miss my time as a Style Guru, but I’ll always be grateful that Amy, Melissa, Sammy and the rest of the CollegeFashionista team took a chance and allowed my small South Texas school to have a voice in the world of street-style.