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The One Thing You Aren't Considering Before Wearing Jewelry But Should Be

April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

When it comes to clothing, one size or style does not fit all. When shopping for foundation, it would be a disaster to just pick any shade at random and hope it worked. So are we so accustomed to wearing jewelry based on trend rather than personal traits?

If you’re on the prowl for a jewelry piece that looks the same on everyone and requires no personal thought before purchasing, then I’m sorry to say you will be looking literally forever. Choosing jewelry requires you to consider some of the same skills you already do when making other important purchases. So before you click “buy” on that pair of earrings just because your roommate did, here are the things to consider to make sure your jewelry works for you.

Know Your Undertones:

Just like choosing a foundation shade, you have to know your skin tone (sometimes referred to on your foundation label as your undertone). If you don’t already know it or just need a refresher, start by looking at your skin in natural lighting.

If you look at the visible veins on your forearm or wrist, what color do they appear? If you have blue or purple veins, sunburn easily, find it difficult to tan, or your foundation hints at “red” or “pink” undertones, your skin tone is cool. If your veins appear green, your undertone is “warm” (sometimes described as “olive” or “yellow”). If they appear to be a mixture of blue and green, or you can’t quite pinpoint a color at all, your skin tone is “neutral”.

Remember, skin tone/undertones are not the same as your skin color. Not all darker skin colors are warm-toned, and not all paler tones will be cool or neutral!

Choosing Your Metal:

This next part is easy, and requires much less effort than swatching your foundation on your hand (or neck or cheek, or wherever the heck you’re actually supposed to try a new foundation shade)!

Cool tones: These Fashionistas look best in light-colored or white metals. This means platinum, silver, and white gold will shine beautifully against your skin.

Warm tones: You’re golden, literally. Yellow gold, rose gold, copper, and brass jewelry was absolutely made for you!

Neutral tones: Lucky you! You are the Rihanna of undertones— you can get away with wearing anything. Go nuts!

Personal Preference:

Don’t get me wrong, rules are definitely helpful when you want guidance or just can’t decide. But, Fashionistas, remember, it’s still all up to you! Sites like Etsy are my favorite for searching for unique or even personalized jewelry. And at the end of the day, if your favorite earrings “clash with your skin,” or your everyday ring set are made for the opposite end of the undertone spectrum, no worries! 

Take advice and guides with a grain of salt, and feel free to try any trend you’re feeling at the moment. When it comes to fashion, jewelry, beauty…heck life, remember this—you do you!

Skintone images via Shades Daddy