How I choose my Picture Perfect Outfit

July 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

As summer came around, I knew I would have a lot of events to go to. With all these upcoming weddings, graduation parties, and brunches, I could barely find a moment to spare. All I could think about is my outfit! I know I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and these pictures will be posted everywhere. In order to have a picture perfect photo, I need to have the picture perfect outfit.

Looking through my closet, one outfit seemed to outshine all the others. With these deadly temperatures in the burning sun, I chose an outfit that would keep me refreshed at all times. I reach for my newly bought striped blue dress from Abercrombie & Fitch. It is the perfect mix of classy and fun. To top it off and have the perfect balance between casual and fancy, I put on my brown wedges. There’s just something so simple that I love about wedges and how easy they are to pair with any outfit!

I am going for more of a simple look with hardly any jewelry or accessories, but there’s so much more you could add to this outfit. My look is for a graduation party so I didn’t feel the need to accessorize. However, I know a choker would look absolutely lovely with the deep cut of this summer dress. For a wedding, I would even throw on a simple jeweled bracelet to just add a little something.

What makes the look so perfect isn’t just the way you wear the clothes, but also how you wear everything. For instance, for the makeup, I keep it very simple and light as I don’t want to be sweating the whole afternoon. With the sun shining on my skin all day, I didn’t want to look too oily and flushed, which always something I want to avoid for pictures. I know my cheek and nose tend to get the oiliest so I decided to focus most of my makeup on my eyes. Highlighter was a definite must for me as the sun would be radiating off my skin. Why not show off my cheekbones given the chance?

I’d like to call this look simple and classy. It’s great for a special event or just a casual outing. I’m all about making a little go a long way and I think this look exemplifies just that. Even though I’m not wearing every type of makeup I can on my face or a load of accessories, I’m able to create this almost flawless look.

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