4 Chicago Neighborhoods That are Perfect for Your Instagram

Chicago is a big city with a lot to see. Of course, there are the main attractions that you must see when you visit, such as Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Giordano’s, and the Buckingham Fountain. There also more hidden gems in Chicago neighborhoods. Rather than trying to capture the perfect picture of your fashion, get out your camera because Chicago is perfect for your Instagram. Here are four neighborhoods in particular that I think would make great additions to your Instagram.


1—Buena ParkBuena Park is not filled with tourist attractions like Cloud Gate or Millennium Park. It is more low-key than the other Chicago neighborhoods. It has a beach called Montrose Beach and is north of the loop; it’s a great location for running, walking, picnics, swimming, and almost anything outdoors. There’s a dog beach where owners can take their dogs and let them run around. Montrose Beach has a great view of the city if you want that picture of the Chicago Skyline. Buena Park has elevated train tracks, which would be a great picture to get when coming to Chicago to remember your visit.

2—West LoopWest Loop is an upcoming neighborhood full of suitable places for Instagram. Some of my favorite places to shoot include the blue brick wall and the red doors. There’s also the drink up wall, wing wall, avocado wall, and the blue doors. When visiting Chicago, the West Loop is one of the top places you should go. On top of murals, it contains some of the best food in the city with a retail area.

3—Lincoln ParkLincoln Park is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago, filled with lots of cool restaurants and tourist attractions, including the Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The Conservatory is filled with plants, fish, and small ponds. The Lincoln Park Zoo is filled with nature trails and lots of greenery, along with animals. Both of these places are free to the public and perfect backdrops for your Instagram photo.

4—Wicker Park. Wicker Park is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Chicago. It is full of restaurants, coffee shops, thrift shops, and music stores. All of the decorations and themes for the shops are original ideas that you will not see in any other place. While you are in Wicker Park, you can get your palm read or look at the murals on all the buildings. You can enjoy a drink in a pineapple in the summer, or a hot coffee at a coffee shop in the winter. Just make sure you check this part of town out.

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