Cheer for Your Home Team in These Stylish Homecoming Outfits

Cheer for Your Home Team in These Stylish Homecoming Outfits

Homecoming season is right around the corner! This fall try changing up your game day outfit with a few style swaps that our community members have made for when they’re cheering on their home team. There are more unique ways to show your spirit other than pairing a university T-shirt and jeans. You can get funky with patterned bottoms and cool accessories, or even make it your own by modifying your T-shirt. Check out all the ways you can create stylish homecoming outfits that will stand out in a stadium of thousands.

Ditch Your Denim

Almost everyone will be wearing some sort of denim bottom on game day. Try swapping your jeans for a fun pair of striped pants ($18) or a checkered mini skirt ($28)! Or if you’re really feeling the school spirit, these flare legged glitter pants ($39) are sure to stand out on game day. The black and white patterns featured on these options will match almost every school’s colors, so you can still rock your university’s apparel with theses fun options for bottoms.

Go All out with Funky Accessories

If striped bottoms and checkered skirts are a little too much for your game day look, you can still show your team some love with fun accessories. Funky pieces like colored glasses ($7), transparent, fun-shaped eyewear ($10), and fishnet socks ($2) are exciting ways to add some flair to your homecoming look.

Make It One of a Kind

One way to make your homecoming style stand out is to make it 100% your own! It’s super easy to crop your T-shirt or cut it into a V-neck. You can also create a unique look by making your own spirit-themed denim jacket. This is a really fun option that you can wear on game days for the rest of your college career. You can find really cute patches of your university’s mascot on Etsy or Amazon and then just iron them on a denim jacket ($23)!

Bye-Bye Bookstore Apparel

College bookstores might be the most common place to buy game day apparel, but other retailers like VS Pink and American Eagle also sell stylish university apparel, that isn’t a unisex cotton t-shirt. Check them out for an alternative option when buying your game day apparel.

Not Your Average Transparent Bag

Most stadiums require that all bags brought in are transparent. When I think of “transparent bags” I think of plastic Ziplock bags. Luckily, there are some really trendy options that are sure to make the rest of the student section envious. Check out Policy Handbags for cute transparent bags that are stadium-approved!


Opening photo by Sammy Nap

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