Check Out These 8 Fashionable Looks That Require Zero Brain Power

November 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Some days, you have the luxury of time to debate whether to wear the gray over the charcoal sweater as if it were a life or death decision. However, when you are in the midst of finals, you have 263 things on your to-do list. Not only do you lack time to devote to your OOTD, but you are also running low on the brain power to do so. These days you just need a look that is easy, fashionable and requires absolutely zero brain cells to put together.

So whether your stressed from studying or just needing to give your noggin a break, take a few minutes to log these easy OOTD ideas into your memory bank. They will come in handy as you consider forwarding your mail to the library over the next few weeks!

1—A retro athleisure sweatsuit (Photo via @alexisclements)


2—A lace camisole and high-waisted jeans (Photo via @biancacanales)


3—Trousers and cowl-neck sweaters (Photo via @withlovethelms)


4—Colored overalls (Photo via @sarahdewald)


5—T-shirt dresses (Photo via @katiekeogh)


6—Oversized sweaters and skinny jeans (Photo via @stylelinguistics)


7—Graphic T-shirts (Photo via @therachelstory)


8—Denim-on-denim (Photo via @queenhalpal)