#CFSweats—Fitness Under 50

July 20th, 2016 at 2:00am
#CFSweats—Fitness Under 50

Forget the number on the scale, we here at CollegeFashionista are all about promoting feeling healthy and feeling fit. Strong is the new skinny. But that doesn’t mean that numbers don’t matter—especially to a busy college student on a budget trying to be active!

Each month we will be bringing you “FITNESS UNDER 50.” So whether that is dollars, minutes or even calories, here are this month’s fitness finds all under that magic number. Now there is no excuse to get moving!

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Zero—The amount of make-up you should be wearing during your sweat session. No matter how “barely-there” the formula claims to be, as soon as you begin to exercise, the trapped in bacteria and sweat is still very much there.

Two—The number of ankle weights that are required for an easy and portable at-home thigh and booty routine. Turn your next “Netflix and chill” session into “Netflix and tone.”

Three—The number of words in our latest healthy obsession: apple cider vinegar. We start our day with an elixir made up of two tablespoons of ACV, half a lemon and 16 ounces of room temp water. Sure, it takes a bit to get used to, but the benefits of ACV include aiding digestion, promoting a clear complexion and slowing the absorption of carbs, just to name a few.

Five—The number of minutes you should meditate each morning. Because mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness (and Instagram can wait).

Ten—The number of ingredients in this superfood vegan cookie dough recipe that you can (and should) eat by the spoonful with no shame.

12—The number of calories in a serving of zucchini noodles. Swap out regular noodles for “zoodles” for a healthy, nutrient dense alternative to your favorite pasta dish. Plus, you can load up on veggie pasta without that post-spaghetti guilt and nap.

26—The number of poses in a traditional Bikram yoga sequence. Although I think we can all agree our favorite pose of the series is savasana, am I right?

30—The increased percentage of calories you will burn by simply taking your daily run from a flat road to the beach. Plus, the view is like 100 times better. So there’s that.

35—The number of dollars our favorite hat costs. We love rocking it when we are, well, doing things.

45—The SPF you should wear all the time, but especially during your outdoor hikes, boot camps or swim session so you don’t burn while feeling the burn.

Photos via @denae_belillti