You Need These Trendy Bags for Back to School

August 18th, 2022 at 2:00pm

We all have someone in mind when it comes to who we want to spend our day at the beach with. Someone reliable, trustworthy, and not too chatty. Someone willing to hold our things so we can take a dip in the ocean, and preferably someone with great style. Picturing that special someone? Me too. Larry. More specifically, the Larry Beach Bag from Rouje Paris. 

Beautifully printed with a pink and red floral pattern, this bag from Rouje is the best beach (or grocery store) companion around. Looking to invest in a reliable bag (or two) of your own? Below is a list of canvas and crochet bags that will never let you down in style or functionality.

Photo Via Shopbop

Shopbop Clare V. Sandy Tote

The Clare V. Sandy Tote from Shopbop is featherlight, yet strong enough to carry all of your essentials. $145.

Photo Via Rouje Paris

Rouje Paris Larry Bag

Printed with a pink and red floral pattern, the Larry Bag from Rouje Paris can take you from the beach to the grocery store with ease. $45.

Photo Via Forever 21

Forever 21 Canvas Release-Buckle Tote Bag

This canvas bag from Forever 21 is medium in size and mighty in its ability to take you through a day out on the town. $20.

Photo Via J.Crew

J.Crew Cadiz Hand-Knotted Rope Tote

The Cadiz Hand-Knotted Rope Tote from J.Crew comes in four sunset-inspired colors, and folds up with ease when on-the-go. $70

Pretty Little Thing Forest Green Oversized Tote Bag

Available in enchanting Forest Green, this oversized canvas tote from Pretty Little Thing can in fact fit all of your things. $25.

Photo Via ASOS

ASOS Topshop Crochet Tote Bag

This magenta crochet piece from ASOS is the perfect balance between a traditional tote and the beachiest of beach bags. $41.

Photo Via Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Crochet Woven Sling Shoulder Bag

Decorated with a pretty sprinkle of flowers, this Lavender crochet tote from Urban Outfitters was designed with a slouchy silhouette. $50.

Photo Via Baggu

Baggu Giant Pocket Tote

This flower spotted tote from Baggu features two large front pockets and two internal pockets for all of your electronics, snacks, and half-used chapsticks. $72.

Photo Via Fiorucci

Fiorucci Logo Beaded Crochet Tote Bag

With its beautiful black beading and rich green color, this crochet bag is equally functional as it is fancy. $155.

Photo Via Free People

Free People Cali Crochet Clutch

Free People is the best source for all things Bohemian, and this slouchy crochet tote featuring a large peace sign proves just that. $50.

Photo Via Boohoo

Boohoo Crochet Tote

Take a trip to Paris with this bold black and white crochet tote from Boohoo. $45.

Photo Via Pacsun

Pacsun Keith Haring Tote Bag

This Keith Haring Tote Bag from Pacsun combines elements of whimsical art and functionality for the beach companion. $18.

Photo Via H&M

H&M Large Canvas Shopper

Featuring both large and short handles, this canvas tote bag moves with you and conforms to your every need. $15.

Photo Via Urban Revivo

Urban Revivo Plaid Tweed Tote Bag

This chic, tweed tote is sure to turn heads this semester. Urban Revivo’s plaid bag will hold all your necessities while making a statement in any back to school outfit. $70.

Photo Via American Eagle

American Eagle Aerie Tote Bag

Available in Pink and Baja Blue, this crochet tote features tassels and braided handles. $40.

Photo Via Free People

Free People Levi’s Natural Dye Tote

Looking to bring a little sunshine to your grocery run? This Levi’s tote from Free People is just the way to do it. $45.

Photo Via ASOS

ASOS Threadbare Fitness Tennis Canvas Tote Bag

Padded on the inside for the protection of your personal items, this oversized tote from ASOS is perfect for heading out the door in a rush. $25.

Photo Via Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Floral Crochet Tote Bag

Spotted with pretty red flowers, this tote from Nasty Gal is definitely something Belly would rock in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’ $32.

Photo Via Madewell

Madewell The Canvas Transport Carryall Tote Bag

The Canvas Transport Carryall Tote Bag from Madewell is perfect for a day of travel, or just heading out to the pool with the girls. $88.

Photo Via H&M

H&M Straw Shopper

The Straw Shopper from H&M is exactly as it sounds. Bright white, and the most stylishly functional bag around. $25.

Photo Via L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean Wicked Shoppah Tote

This tote from L.L.Bean features magical colors in celebration of Pride Month! $20.

Feature Images From Left To Right Via: Forever 21, Fiorucci, Pacsun, Shopbop, L.L.Bean, and Boohoo. Design by Her Campus Media.